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December 19, 2021


Posted on December 19, 2021  •  1 minutes  • 178 words  • Other languages:  Deutsch

Waiting has begun. Somewhat surprising for me, because the plan was different. After taking pictures in Iceland with my first professional digital camera, a Nikon D1X, almost 20 years ago, an odyssey began. Sigma SD9, then Canon 1D Mark II, currently Canon 5D Mark III.

And actually it should now be a Canon R5. Then came the announcement of the Canon R3 and an exciting waiting time for its features. Well, that was disappointing for me, because I had expected significantly more pixels. Birds are shy and small. You have to crop more than the sports junkies.

During the search for a used R5, the Z9 came into play. And it has the right technical data for me. Since all old lenses have to be adapted anyway, the question arose whether the Canon EF variant would also work on the Z9. After reading a few reviews, I ended up with the test of Traumflieger and the Fringer adapter FR-NZ1 ( It is now laying here and waiting impatiently for its use and the tests with my existing lenses.


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